Interiors Exteriors offers many different flooring options.


How do you decide which type of floor to install in a new home or a renovated home? At Interiors Exteriors you have so many choices: wood flooring, vinyl flooring and laminate flooring. Which one is best for you? The possibilities are virtually endless with each type. One place to start is by analyzing the cost of each type. Next you can look at your decorative style. Finally you can look at your lifestyle and how each type will fit in with that. 

Wood flooring

The price of wood flooring can vary greatly. It all depends on which type of wood you choose and who installs it. Some places will charge you for absolutely everything, removing the old, cleaning and prep and installing the new wood floor. Maintenance and cleaning are also a factor that should be taken into consideration. Some types of wood floors require a lot of maintenance. 

If you are looking for something sophisticated and timeless than a wood floor is a good way to go. Wood floors bring a lot of old world charm in a very modern way to your home. 

Wood floors are subject to fading with UV light. If you live in sunny California with large windows all around your home then wood floors may not be the way to go.

Vinyl flooring 

Vinyl flooring is also known as resilient flooring. As with wood you need to be aware of all of the costs associated with a vinyl floor. There are many different ways a vinyl floor can be installed and some are based on preference and your deign choice and some of them are structural concerns. 

Vinyl flooring comes in many different colors, textures and patterns. Designers are able to get very creative and artistic with vinyl flooring because of the vast amount of choices available. If you are looking for a spunky new pattern on your floor then vinyl is a great choice. 

 If you have small children or pets in your home then this floor is for you. Vinyl flooring will stand up to spills, scrapes, dirt and dust. It is soft and flexible like carpet is and can be easier to walk on for young children and the elderly. 

Laminate flooring

The cost of laminate flooring is much like vinyl flooring. It all depends on how it is installed and the company that installs it. 

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring. It is also extremely durable. So if you want the classy look of wood but are worried about the upkeep and durability then laminate flooring is a good solution. Laminate flooring comes in all different patterns and is a designers dream. You could use your own photographs to create a beautiful laminate floor if you so desired. You can really let your imagination run wild. 

Much like any floor you will need to sweep and mop a laminate floor. It is quite durable much like a vinyl floor but will not take nearly the maintenance that a wood floor will. 

Now that you know all of your options it is up to you and your designer at Interiors Exteriors to choose a floor that will work for you. 


I had a wood garage door installed by Castlegate Garage Door Service.

When I bought my first home I knew that there was a lot of work that was going to need to be put in to the place to get it to look the way I wanted it to look. There was a lot of work that needed to be done on the interior of the home, but the exterior was going to require some work as well. One of the first things that I wanted to do in terms of home repairs was to replace the garage door. The garage door that came with the house when I bought it was very old and I knew that it was going to require more than a fresh coat of paint to fix it up. When I was deciding what kind of garage door I wanted to replace it with, I didn’t realize how many different options I had. Before buying my own home I always thought that there were only a couple of different styles to choose from when looking for a new garage door, but after doing some research I found that there were many more options that I had originally thought.

wood garage doorsI decided to go with Castlegate Garage Door Service to replace my garage door. They had many options and had been a trusted local company in my area for more than twenty years. I originally was going to have a wood garage door installed because that was the one that I had liked the most in all of the pictures. I was pretty set on the wood garage door until my friend pointed out that it would clash poorly with the exterior of my home. We walked out front to take a look and after she pointed it out I immediately saw what she was talking about. Unless I was going to paint the exterior of my home an entirely different color,  a wood garage door was not going to work. I knew that eventually I would want to repaint the exterior of the house but with all of the other projects that I was working on, that fell low on my priority list.

Eventually I decided to go with a recessed panel garage door. It had subtle details that set it apart from the traditional garage door style, but it was understated enough that it didn’t take away from the beauty of the rest of the house’s exterior. The professionals from Castlegate Garage Door Service worked quickly and professionally to install my new garage door. In the end I was very pleased with the results. I was very happy that I had decided to go with the recessed panel garage door instead of the wood garage door. Although I like the style of the wood garage doors a lot, it wouldn’t have worked well with the overall style of the house. I know that I won’t need to replace my garage door again for a long time, but maybe for my next home I will be able to have a wood garage door.

Sail boat and Lake Winnipesaukee boat storage make a great retirement gift

My siblings and I had been thinking for a few years about what to get our parents as a retirement gift. We knew they loved to sail but had never owned a sailboat, and a couple of years before they were scheduled to retire, we all decided that would be the right thing to get them. We had some time to each save up money to contribute towards it, and we set a tentative budget and agreed to reassess after one year. I suspect our father had been earmarkingLake Winnipesaukee boat rentals some money for a boat himself but would not pull the trigger and buy anything until after he officially retired. That gave us time to save up and make sure we got him the right thing, and would free up whatever money he might also have been saving for him to use on other things.

It would be a joint gift from all of the children to our parents, but we knew that mom was more or less along for the ride. She enjoyed it plenty but I also knew she would not be all that interested in sail boats if she did not have our father around to keep her entertained. A separate gift would need to be thought of her, but we knew that the main thing would be a boat and that gave us a starting place. When we reassessed after the first year we were more or less on target and decided to each raise our savings rates a little bit. We had not taken into account the fact that we would have to find boat storage in Lake Winnipesaukee. Eventually that would get turned over to our parents but we wanted to pay for at least several months or a year of the storage up front so they could enjoy their new gift without the additional expense yet. We found who had the space and affordable rate we were looking for, and explained what we were planning for our parents. We did not have the boat in hand yet, but we would have it in less than a year and needed somewhere to put it.

They were completely flexible and understood where we were coming from, and promised they would have Lake Winnipesaukee boat storage space available when the time came for us to unload the boat. We kept saving up for the next several months and planning the type of boat we were going to need to look for. Eventually we had to let mom in on the secret so we could be sure we got the right boat for him, and she loved the idea. She confirmed that he had been saving up for a boat but this would give them more flexibility in retirement with the cash he had been saving himself. They could not wait to surprise him, and found the perfect boat about a month before the retirement party was planned. Just in time, they were able to pay for and acquire it and get it into storage right before the party started!

Goodhue & Hawkins

244 Sewall Rd.

Wolfeboro, NH 03894


Finally replacing out gutters with gutters from a seamless gutter machine

Sometime about after the first year that we moved into our current place the gutters on the place just started to go to hell. Everything was falling apart and at least one weekend a month I was forced outside with the big latter to fix one piece or another. I think the biggest problem was that even the smallest little pine nut could clog up the gutters all around the house. I did everything that I could think of to fix the gutters including buying those gutter guards to keep all of the debris out and even when that did not work I even started to go and clean the gutters about every month or so while the gutter guards were still attached. Now that is terribly annoying.

gutter machineNo matter what though the gutter kept on getting clogged and then once they were clogged the water would be pushed out of the seams in the gutters, which would create this little trickle down waterfall on each side of our house. The stupid thing would always manage to spit a little water out just as you were walking by. In winter this was really dangerous because eventually the water would freeze and become a huge hazard.

Eventually we decided that enough was enough and that it was time that we went ahead and just replaced the gutters and got something that would not create so many problems for us. We looked into our options quite a bit because we of course did not want something that would within a few years, end up just like our current mess of a gutter system. What we finally came to realize was that the best way for us to get the kind of gutters we wanted and not have to worry about all of the problems we had dealt with for the past few years was to get a seamless gutter machine to make our gutters. This was great because it meant that we could have one long strip of gutters on each side of the house .This means that while of course the gutter could still overflow, it at least would not allow water through the seams creating little water falls because there were no seams. And because the gutters created by a seamless gutter machine are much higher quality than the gutters that we currently have, I do not think that there would be much of a chance of the gutters overflowing either.

The other great thing about getting a seamless gutter machine to make the next set of gutters for our house is that because it is just one big piece, it is easier to attach to the house. Of course it is not something that we can do alone but if we have someone to hold and line up the other side of the gutter it is just a matter of making sure that we are able to get it hooked on there really securely. With how much experience I have working with gutters now it should be no problem at all.


HVAC is an important term to understand if you own a home.

I am sure that you have heard the term “HVAC” on several occasions. Do you know what it means? EHow gives a pretty good description, “Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, also called HVAC systems, are important for maintaining “thermal comfort,” but they also ensure “good air quality” according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These important systems, used in both homes and businesses, must be cleaned and serviced regularly, but Carl Brahe, a certified home and commercial inspector, explains that many people don’t know that such maintenance is necessary. Fortunately, performing necessary maintenance is not overly difficult with the right steps and proper know-how.”

So now that you know what HVAC means you are probably wondering how you maintain it. Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your equipment running smoothly and effectively. It will also ensure that your equipment runs for a long time before it has to be replaced or updated. Here are a few tips on how to keep your HVAC system in tip top shape and keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Inspect filters
At the very least filters should be replaced every six months. After a while dust and other particles collect on the filters and no longer provide clean air to your home. You should inspect your filters every month and if they appear dirty you should change them. Clean filters equal clean air for your home.
Disinfect and clean coils every 6 months. This one is from eHow
BBJ Environmental Solutions explains that “evaporator coils which are continually damp provide one of the best places for mold to grow.” Use a 50% bleach/50% water solution to kill any mold on the evaporator coils. Always wear a mask and gloves to protect yourself from both the bleach and any airborne mold spores. Additionally, make sure you turn off the system for your safety before disinfecting. Although mold is much more likely on indoor evaporator coils, you should always check the outdoor condenser coils, too.”

Wipe up any water that you find near air-intake vents every six months. This means you may need to get up on your roof and check for any pools of water. Some water is to be expected but if you are cleaning up water on every inspection then call a company like DNI Heating to inspect your system.
Inspect your fans every six months. Be sure to turn the system off when performing this inspection. Check for dirt and dust and clean as necessary.
Every two years you should have a professional heating company come out to clean your system.

This may seem like a lot of work to you for simple maintenance. If you notice all of the items should be done every 6 months. If you choose a day and mark it out on your calendar you can knock it all out on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It doesn’t take long to inspect the vents as they are visible without removing anything. If you are having any issues call a heating company that can resolve any issues you may have.

DNI Heating and A/C

Loveland, CO




Many people will visit an emergency dentist when experiencing severe tooth pain.

emergency dentistTooth pain is one of the worst kinds of pain. It is impossible to ignore and once it gets to a certain point the pain seems to be all consuming. There are many different reasons why someone might experience tooth pain, from tooth infections to dead roots, it all hurts. When you are experiencing severe tooth pain it seems nearly impossible to think about anything else. In this situation your best option is to seek help from an emergency dentist. Most dentists have strict schedules that are typically filled each day with patients. It can be hard to get a same day appointment with your regular dentist because it is likely that their schedule for that day is already full. That is where an emergency dentist comes in. Most of the time an emergency dentist is able to schedule you an appointment within a couple of hours. They understand how completely debilitating severe tooth pain can be and want to offer you help and relief from the pain as quickly as possible.

Devaney Dentistry has a great emergency dentist branch in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. At Devaney Dentistry the staff will take the time to hear you out about your tooth issue and find the best treatment plan for you. They can perform almost any dental procedure on site so that you will not have to travel to another office after being examined in order to receive your treatment. One of the greatest things about Devaney Dentistry is that their emergency dentists are most often able to see you the same day that you call and express your current state of tooth pain. They treat each patient with individual care and respect and work quickly to help relieve you from your tooth pain. With many different options for sedation on site, the emergency dentists at Devaney Dentistry work quickly to make you as comfortable as possible. This dental practice has years of combined experience and guarantee to fix your dental problems in a way that not only makes your feel great, but makes you look great too. Devaney Dentistry accepts almost all major insurances and also offer financing options for some procedures.

The next time that you are experiencing severe tooth pain, call Devaney Dentistry to find the fastest and most comprehensive emergency dental services in the Greensboro area. Whether you have had a tooth knocked out, a broken crown, or abscessed tooth, the emergency dentists at Devaney Dentistry are there to help you. Their years of experience have given them the knowledge to work quickly to examine an emergency situation and know how to handle it. Being able to properly handle an emergency dental situation can mean the difference between keeping and losing a tooth. Even if Devaney Dentistry does not provide services your primary dental needs on a regular basis, they are still there to help. Even if you have been bad and haven’t been to the dentist in five years, their kind staff will not make your feel judged for slacking on your dental care in the past.

Local man turns to Lake Winnipesaukee boat rentals instead of buying a boat

Corey loved fishing and had grown up on the water and around boats his whole life. After college he moved to a coastal town where he hoped he could buy a boat and end up fishing as a serious hobby if not a way to earn some extra money. He was able to get steady work but he quickly realized he was not going to be able to afford to buy a boat on his own Lake Winnipesaukeeand was not quite sure what to do about it. He spent several months trying to figure out a way to get a loan but on his lower income, he was not able to, and he was wondering if he would need to move again in order to get a better job that could support his desire to fish regularly.

He struggled with the conflict internally for a while. Were there places where he could fish that would also have jobs that could sustain him? He was starting to wonder but after complaining to a friend about how he had not been out on a boat in several weeks, the friend reminded him that there was no shortage of Lake Winnipesaukee boat rentals around town, and he should look into their rates and availability. It was possible that coming up with a regular agreement for boat rentals in Lake Winnipesaukee would be the better scenario for him for a couple of years and it should be much more affordable, if nothing else. It would depend on their availability and how much they charged, but he was pretty sure that Goodhue & Hawkins would have the right thing for him, so he went there first to check out their Lake Winnipesaukee boat rental options.

They also stored boats owned by other people, so he was able to take a look around and see what sorts of options might be available in the future. Corey was not sure how much everything cost but he had some research to do about actually buying a boat in the future. In the meantime, he was able to strike an agreement with Goodhue & Hawkins about a regularly scheduled boat rental paid for on a monthly basis. It was much less expensive than buying a boat for the moment, and he would be able to afford it for a year or two while he figured out what to do long term or whether he could find additional work.

It was a lot harder than he remembered growing up to buy and own a boat, and certainly much more expensive than he had ever understood. When he told his parents about the decision he had made they mentioned that prices had steeped in the years since he had been a kid and that if they were doing it all over again today, they too would not have been able to afford a boat or a place to put it. They promised to give him theirs if they ever upgraded or decided it was time to get rid of it.

Computer and IT support

IT support

Ever since switching over to the Rocky Mountain Technical team we have noticed a dramatic improvement in our computer support. To be honest, I hadn’t really noticed anything wrong with our last IT company but now that I think of it we did have a lot of system crashes and issues seem to pop up on a weekly basis. Since switching to Rocky Mountain Technical Team I haven’t seen or heard of a snag in the system yet and that is impressive because it is been over 13 months now. In fact, the more I think of it it is always pleasant to call their call center and whenever a technician comes online or has to visit the office they are exceedingly knowledgeable in the area of IT support and diagnostics. I think it will bode well for us that we have started working with Rocky Mountains technical team because when you have a reliable support cast behind you you can focus on other things and be more productive.

If you are in need of such services as backup and onside server excellence, antivirus set up and maintenance, office set up, multimedia cabling and more contact Rocky Mountain Technical Team. Our company actually started using them as a certified Dell sales and support staff when we initially set up the office but after that we realized their host of services encompassed and eclipsed that of the other IT support team we were working with. Not only that, since Rocky Mount technical team focuses on the Denver and Boulder area they are far more responsive to our needs them a national sized company. We find that they listen to our needs, our goals and our methods and they adapt their approach to fit our objectives. It’s something that we have never experienced before and we are excited to grow with them.
What is important with an IT consulting firm’s reliability. You need them to be there for you when things go wrong and to give you enough preventative maintenance to ensure that you can continue your work on interrupted. So, whether you’re looking for smart phone and tablet set up and troubleshooting or if you’re just trying to set up a Internet network in your office, Rocky Mountain technical team can be your A-Z source for IT consulting.
For the best Denver and Boulder on-site IT consulting company, give them a call today. They’re there to listen to you and to service your needs in anyway possible. To be a success in your field you have to build a winning team around you. I like to compare it to a pitcher who is not intent on trying trying to strike out every batter who walks up to the plate. Instead, the best pitchers know how to use the field and the players behind them. By playing to the strengths of their team they can achieve greatness and longevity in their field. With the help of this IT consulting firm you can achieve new heights in your field.

Restaurant Marketing Gurus can help to promote restaurant web sites.

Have you ever wondered why certain websites pop up at the top of the search engine results list while others get stuck on the second page? Most people have probably not ever thought about this, unless they are the owners of the business’ website that gets stuck on the second page. I can’t even remember the last time that I clicked through to the second page of search results when I was looking for something on the internet. If it didn’t pop up on the first page of search results I am not going to waste my time clicking around. This is unfortunate because I am sure that they are many helpful and great websites out there that get stuck on the second page. It is too bad that I will never know.

restaurant seoThe websites that pop up on the first page aren’t there because of a streak of good luck. It is likely that those websites are utilizing a marketing tool called SEO (search engine optimization). SEO helps businesses to promote the traffic on their websites by helping to bump them up on the search engine results list and to keep them off of the dreaded second page. Many types of businesses have started to utilize SEO in recent years, including many restaurants. Marketing is a very important aspect of a restaurant’s business. There is a company called Restaurant Marketing Gurus that works specifically with restaurants to help promote their business. Restaurant Marketing Gurus utilize SEO as one of their most common marketing tools. As the internet continues to grow in size and influence each day, it is important that restaurants continue to evolve in their marketing strategies to include various internet marketing strategies such as SEO.

I have worked at two different restaurants in the last three years. Both restaurants are very similar in terms of food and style. They are both about the same size and within the same price range. One of the restaurants did very little marketing and relied almost entirely on their customer base to do their marketing for them. The other restaurant had an incredible marketing strategy. They utilized almost every option available to them to market their business. They were constantly talking with various local newspapers and magazines in hopes of getting the word out about their restaurant. In witnessing the success and failure of each of these restaurants, respectively, I feel that I have learned a great deal about the importance of restaurant marketing. The first restaurant that did hardly any marketing at all eventually went out of business and closed after ten years. The second restaurant that worked very hard to market their business was so successful that they were able to open a second location after only two years. I can’t help but to believe that the first restaurant failed because of their failure to market their business. Even though I think that the food and style of the first restaurant was superior, it was their failure to adapt to new marketing strategies that eventually ended with their going out of business.

We rely on them for carpet and upholstery cleaning

carpet cleaners

As member of the Colorado Springs small business owner board I take on the duty and responsibility of promoting great businesses in our great city. I’ve been doing this for over five years now and occasionally I will write highlight pieces on companies that I think are exceptional. One company that is been serving the residents of Colorado Springs for years now and doing so faithfully and with excellent service is Century Chem-Dry. Sure, there may be many dry cleaning and upholstery cleaning companies in the area but in my opinion only Century Chem-Dry offers the widest range of services and the absolute best customer service. All it takes is one call to their friendly staff when you’ll feel the warmth and gratitude they have for you choosing them over their competition.

As an interior designer who often puts on open houses I rely on Century Chem-Dry to be available and punctual whenever I give them a call. As of yet, they have not failed me or showed up late to a single event. If I am swamped and need several houses cleaned at the same time I can rest assured knowing that the job will get done and it will be done right the first time. I have never had a problem with century come drive and they can even go so far as to help you with pet and urine cleaning. There are a lot of you with dogs out there in Colorado Springs so you may want to pay attention and save this number for future use. Even if your dog is house trained and one of the most well-behaved puppies on the planet, there is bound to be a time when he or she will Dragonman and pound that dirt and debris deep into the fibers of your carpeting. To remove those fibers, the technicians who work for century Chem-Dry will first bring in their heavy duty vacuum cleaners. Nothing helps out the look and feel of your carpeting more than good, thorough vacuuming.
The upholstery cleaning that you get from Century Chem-Dry is second to none. Regardless if you’re cleaning a couch or something that is delicate like a silk chair you can be confident that the material used to furnish your chair will not be damaged or discolored after the cleaning. One method that I insist that they use and all of my mobile homes is called hot carbonate cleaning. This is an innovative new way to lift and remove dirt and debris from any surface by introducing a gentle carbonation to their green cleaning solution. When applied to carpets or upholstery it helps to gently lift the dirt and debris away, leaving nothing but a perfect and clean carpeting.
Century Chem-Dry will also help you with water damage restoration. For those of you that live in high Fletting areas you may want to keep their number on file as there is no better company removing standing water in helping restore your goods to their former glory. Call century Chem-Dry today or check out their website to see what their services are and if they have an available time that works for you.